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Noise Risk

Noise Pollution Warning Signs
7206C - Jalite Warning Noise
7206A 100 x 100mm
7206C 150 x 150mm
7206E 200 x 200mm

7284D - Jalite Warning Noise
150 x 200mm
7494D - Jalite Warning High sound levels

150 x 200mm

7496Y - Jalite Warning Noise Wear ear protection
7496Y 100 x 150mm

7495Y - Jalite Warning High sound levels Wear ear protection
7495Y 100 x 150mm

Industrial Vehicles & Fork Lifts Risk

Heavy Vehicle Warning Signs

7099C - Jalite Warning Fork Lifts
7099A 100 x 100mm
7099C 150 x 150mm
7099E 200 x 200mm

7002D - Jalite Warning Fork Lifts
150 x 200mm
7509D - Jalite Warning Industrial vehicles
150 x 200mm
7510Y - Jalite Warning Industrial vehicles No entry
7510Y 100 x 150mm

7511Y - Jalite Warning Industrial vehicles
7511Y 100 x 150mm

Heavy Goods Lorries & Vehicles Risk

7539C - Jalite Warning Heavy Goods Lorries 7581D - Jalite Warning Heavy Goods Lorries 7591D - Jalite Warning Vehicles

7539A 100 x 100mm
7539C 150 x 150mm
7539E 200 x 200mm

150 x 200mm
150 x 200mm

Electrical Risk

High Voltage Warning Signs & Danger of Death Warning Signs

7011C - Jalite Warning High voltage
7011A 100 x 100mm
7011C 150 x 150mm
7011E 200 x 200mm

7424D - Jalite Warning High voltage
150 x 200mm
7587D - Jalite Warning Danger of death
150 x 200mm
7436Y - Jalite Warning High voltage
7436Y 100 x 150mm

7438Y - Jalite Warning High voltage
7438Y 100 x 150mm

Machinery Risk

Automatic Machine Warning Signs

7082C - Jalite Warning Motor starts and stops automatically 7512D - Jalite Warning Motor starts and stops automatically 7515Y - Jalite Warning Motor starts and stops automatically

7082A 100 x 100mm
7082C 150 x 150mm
7082E 200 x 200mm

150 x 200mm
100 x 150mm

Magnetic Field Risk

Magnetic Warning Signs

7544C - Jalite Warning Magnetic Field
7544A 100 x 100mm
7544C 150 x 150mm
7544E 200 x 200mm

7521D - Jalite Warning Magnetic Field
150 x 200mm
7516Y - Jalite Warning Magnetic Field
7516Y 100 x 150mm

7517Y - Jalite Warning Magnetic Field
7517Y 100 x 150mm

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